We have the knowledge, experience and legacy of diamond trade, giving the advantages that enable us to enter into the most profitable trades. Unison transparency gives you access to practical knowledge and tools for choosing the right stone and product in which it will be placed.


Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our masters & high-quality materials shows all the charm of great jewelry art.


Years of experience and knowledge in the industry allows us to acquire and select diamonds and precious stones from manufacturers, bypassing intermediaries.


Using the experience and knowledge of all the masters of jewelry, designers of 3D printing and gold cast make the perfect definition of lines and respect for proportions, color and texture.


Alchemist is based on connections with consumers, suppliers and partners in Israel, the United States, Russia and Ukraine


 You will receive impeccable personalized service. A specialist will help you choose the perfect product and will be happy to offer options within your budget.


Our customers will find out all about the gems and metal chosen for it, and about the desired combination. Enjoy the world’s finest jewels, having invested money in a family heirloom!

“Resist everything except temptation”

Oscar Wilde